Natural Fabrics

Our designers use 100% natural, skin-friendly fabrics that hold OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Choosing linen, soft cotton, bamboo and viscose, they play with patterns and shapes to add ultra-intuitive features. High-quality elastics and special cutting on top of the mask allow to adjust it to any face and nose shape. All of these to guarantee original look, perfect fit and lightness in every move. Our masks are designed & crafted in the EU by the local tailors, following the highest standards of production.





Highest quality masks

Although masks are not always the most comfortable accessory, Maskka’s masks are different because we design them according to your needs with highly attention to details. As can be seen the cuts are modern and stylish so you can wear mask with confidence, keeping a style even now during a pandemic.

Only natural and certified fabrics

In Maskka are using 100% natural, skin-friendly fabrics with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Most of our masks are made of perfect mix of cotton and linen. Cotton makes them soft and comfy and linen increases aeration. For Canvas Premium Collection we are also using a mix of linen and viscose. Masks made from this fabric fit nicely on the face and don’t slide from the nose. It’s also easy to breathe wearing them. And finally, we offer masks with bamboo inner layers which are very delicate for skin, hypoallergenic, perfectly absorbent and resistant to bacteria and microorganisms.

Trusted providers

We not only use natural fabrics but also collaborate only with trusted providers, who make high-quality fabrics responsibly from certified sustainable cultivations of cotton, linen and bamboo.

Local production

Our production take place in small manufactures in the EU, where the mask are sewn by experience tailors. They rely on ideas of our designers and make all they can to make the masks look neatly and aesthetically. Our products are 100% handmade with the highest standards with your comfort in mind.

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